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“Here is kept the ancient promise…”

I love this translation of Tantum Ergo, by Fr James Quinn SJ. It’s the version used in The Daily Office SSF‘s liturgy for thanksgiving for holy communion: Come adore this wondrous presence, Bow to Christ the source of grace. Here … Continue reading

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Hearing, not seeing, is believing

We had a guest preacher this morning, Rev George Samiec, who (in the course of an excellent sermon) made an interesting point concerning the resurrection accounts in John 20. Taking as the theme “seeing isn’t believing”, Rev Samiec argued that … Continue reading

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Atonement as liturgy, not theory

Returning to the subject of the atonement, James Alison has written a very interesting essay on this topic that may help answer the questions I was raising in my post last month about the “horizontal” and “vertical” aspects of the … Continue reading

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The new Israel and the eucharist

Another area in which James Alison sees the “intelligence of the victim” at work (see previous post) is in Jesus’ “teaching concerning the foundation of the New Israel” (Knowing Jesus, p.61) as a “universal, non-racial, non-geographical category”. The last supper, … Continue reading

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Shed for you and for… who?

I’ve been reading (and enjoying, and benefiting from) Timothy Radcliffe’s book What is the Point of Being a Christian? over the past few weeks. Fr Radcliffe is a former head of the Dominican order, and in one of the later … Continue reading

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Magic Eyes to see

More good stuff from James Alison (previous posts 1 | 2), this time in relation to the Lord’s Supper, where he uses a lovely analogy to explain transubstantiation – though, as we will see, I think his analogy works equally … Continue reading

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Relating to Jesus

Via Ben Myers, an outstanding post by Bruce Hamill on his break-up with his boyfriend: Jesus. Hamill describes the relationship he used to have with Jesus: Boyfriend was not the term we used, of course, but he was effectively a … Continue reading

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