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The age of the image and the number

Interesting post by Lance Strate on Jacques Ellul, Propaganda, and the Technological Society. Strate begins with Ellul’s argument that literacy and education make people more vulnerable to propaganda, rather than less: [L]iterate, well-educated people tend to think they’re immune to … Continue reading

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Satan, the Spirit and personhood

As I mentioned in a previous post, René Girard regards Satan as a symbolic figure representing the mimetic contagion that arises from rivalrous desire. This is reminiscent of Jacques Ellul’s treatment of the “powers and principalities”. Both Girard and Ellul … Continue reading

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True reformation: X marks the spot

One of Jacques Ellul’s concepts which I’ve mentioned in comments occasionally but never blogged about is his summary of the essence of Christianity, which he calls “X”. Ellul’s argument in his book The Subversion of Christianity is that much of … Continue reading

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“Complex yet integral”: Ellul on the Bible

More Ellul-at-one-remove goodness, with a fascinating article by Vernard Eller on How Jacques Ellul reads the Bible. (Yes, it’s Eller on Ellul: I’ll try not to get the two confused…) The whole article is worth reading, but here are some … Continue reading

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Vocation vs work

The Ellul Forum is a bi-annual journal whose goal is to apply Jacques Ellul’s thought to the contemporary world. The latest issue is on “Ellul, Capitalism and the Workplace”, and includes an article by Virginia Landgraf setting out “eight theses” … Continue reading

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Here be demons

It’s difficult for a Christian, when reading about the concept of “internal cohabitation”, especially as described by Dr Michael Sinason in his psychotic patients, not to wonder if there is a connection between this and the accounts of “demon possession” we see in the New Testament. Continue reading

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Upended by grace, freed from the past

I never thought I’d find myself quoting Bono with approval twice in successive posts, but his much-quoted comments on Karma vs Grace bear repeating here: You see, at the center of all religions is the idea of Karma. You know, … Continue reading

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