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“Here is kept the ancient promise…”

I love this translation of Tantum Ergo, by Fr James Quinn SJ. It’s the version used in The Daily Office SSF‘s liturgy for thanksgiving for holy communion: Come adore this wondrous presence, Bow to Christ the source of grace. Here … Continue reading

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“Shield this child by morn and eve”

This hymn caught my eye earlier today. It’s a baptismal hymn, but I think it applies almost equally well as a prayer for any infant – particularly those who are vulnerable; particularly the unborn: Lord Jesu Christ, our Lord most … Continue reading

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Praying together

In the second chapter of Life Together (see previous post), Dietrich Bonhoeffer looks at “the day with others”. Most of the chapter is concerned with praying with our fellow Christians: as Bonhoeffer writes, “common life under the Word begins with … Continue reading

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Girard Friday

A moment of Girardian illumination while listening to Stainer’s Crucifixion just now. One of the hymns is Jesus, the Crucified, pleads for me, which includes the following verse: Lord, I have left thee, I have denied, followed the world in … Continue reading

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Editing out Jesus’ “imperfect” emotions

In my post yesterday, we saw how Abbot John Chapman describes how Jesus’ agony in the garden – his “hating suffering, and feeling it unbearable” – is part of Jesus’ perfection, and hence the same weakness and helplessness are part … Continue reading

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Visible but “distressed”

The Augsburg Confession’s articulation of the nature of the church – “the assembly of saints in which the gospel is taught purely and the sacraments are administered rightly” – gives rise to an important question. Does this mean that only … Continue reading

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What is this bread?

On Twitter the other day, Aaron commented that “talk about ‘Real Presence’ in communion is maddening to me … Especially when I’m thinking about it at five thirty in the AM”. In reply, I said “Stop thinking about abstractions like … Continue reading

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