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Guest post: A biblical theology of clothing

Alastair Roberts left a great comment on a blog post by Richard Beck the other day, outlining a “theology of clothing”. Alastair has now expanded this into a longer essay (PDF), which is highly recommended. As a taster, Alastair has … Continue reading

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Transfiguration and fulfilment

Today is Transfiguration Day, and this morning’s readings in the St James Daily Devotional Guide were 2 Peter 1:13-21 and Mark 9:2-10. I was struck by how the Transfiguration expresses the paradoxical relationship we as Christians have with the Old … Continue reading

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Thus it is written…

My guest post for Alastair’s Lent series is now available: Won and distributed, “for us”, based on Luke 24:45-47 (which I mentioned in a recent post). Sharp-eyed readers will spot some very significant family news tucked away at the end. … Continue reading

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Beginning with Goldsworthy

One of the theological concepts I’ve found most helpful over the years has been “biblical theology”. Biblical theology is “the study of what the Bible teaches as the Bible teaches it”, with a focus on “the big picture of the … Continue reading

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Beginning, again, with Moses

A month or so ago I posted an item about the excellent Biblical Theology Briefings site at BeginningWithMoses.org. Within hours, the site went down, but I’m now delighted to report that they have retrieved their domain name and the site … Continue reading

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