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Blog address change

Now that this blog is no longer active, I’ve decided the time has come to let go of the domain (since it costs money both to renew the domain name and to map it to this WordPress blog). The current … Continue reading

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Over and out

It’s some months since I posted here, and probably about time I admitted that this blog is now on (probably permanent) hiatus. My active blogging is now at Curlew River. It was a great 7½ years blogging under the Confessing … Continue reading

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Guest post: A biblical theology of clothing

Alastair Roberts left a great comment on a blog post by Richard Beck the other day, outlining a “theology of clothing”. Alastair has now expanded this into a longer essay (PDF), which is highly recommended. As a taster, Alastair has … Continue reading

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“Material blessings”?

From today’s prayers at our church: O God, help us to remember that all good things come from you. Keep us from turning the many material blessings that you have given us into curses by relying on them instead of … Continue reading

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For I will consider Christopher Smart

You may have come across the poem by Christopher Smart (1722-1771), “For I will consider my cat Jeoffry”, which begins: For I will consider my cat Jeoffry. For he is the servant of the living God. Duly and daily serving … Continue reading

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“Here is kept the ancient promise…”

I love this translation of Tantum Ergo, by Fr James Quinn SJ. It’s the version used in The Daily Office SSF‘s liturgy for thanksgiving for holy communion: Come adore this wondrous presence, Bow to Christ the source of grace. Here … Continue reading

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The age of the image and the number

Interesting post by Lance Strate on Jacques Ellul, Propaganda, and the Technological Society. Strate begins with Ellul’s argument that literacy and education make people more vulnerable to propaganda, rather than less: [L]iterate, well-educated people tend to think they’re immune to … Continue reading

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