ROSES are Lutheran

I noticed that Fraiser at Chaos and Old Night posted a link to the summary of “Lutheran essentials” on my About page (though I can’t take the credit for these – they originally came from Chris Atwood, as acknowledged in my original post which referenced them).

Fraiser pointed out in his post that Lutheranism lacks a catchy mnemonic like the Calvinists’ TULIP to summarise these essentials, and that it would be appropriate if someone could come up with a ROSES mnemonic for Lutheranism. A Finnish Lutheran, Hannu, took up the challenge in the comments to Fraiser’s post, as follows:

Regeneration through Grace in Baptism (sola gratia)

  • Initiates faith by God

Only through faith (sola fide)

  • Only faith justifies Man

Scriptural authority (sola scriptura)

  • Teaches Gospel and Law

Economic church polities towards needs

  • Church polities are chosen according to practical needs

Substantial real presence of Christ’s body and blood in Holy Communion

  • Nurtures a believer and deepens the union between Man and God.

Let me know what you think (or suggest any further refinements) in the comments.

Alternatively, if you prefer, there’s OFelixCulpa’s suggestion earlier in the thread:

  • Faith alone justifies
  • Unique presence in the supper
  • Baptismal regeneration
  • Authority of scripture
  • Rejection of polity norms

Can’t see that one catching on quite so well, though… 😉

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6 Responses to ROSES are Lutheran

  1. J. Random Hermeneut says:

    FUBAR FTW. Because there’s a mnemonic that unapologetically captures all 6! characteristics of the Lutheran church. 🙂

  2. If you don’t see fubar catching on as a mnemonic among Lutherans, you don’t roll with the same Lutherans I do. I’m not sure if it is a good or bad thing, but I see a T. shirt coming soon.
    I had a fubar shirt once, but nothing as good as this Mnemonic.

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  4. Ron Jung says:

    FUBAR sounds better and more accurate than Total Depravity.

  5. OFelixCulpa says:

    I really was going for entertainment value with the “five points of fubar,” but I won’t be disappointed if Lutherans find it catchy and helpful.

    I’m glad it made you smile, anyway.

  6. Josh S says:

    It’s okay, except the last point sounds like a Calvinist wrote it.

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