A new strapline for my blog: “Test everything; hold on to what is good” (based on 1 Thessalonians 5:21, long one of my favourite texts).

This reflects my approach to blogging: whatever I’m blogging on, I tend to prefer to talk about the “yes” (the good that I’m holding on to), and to leave the “no” (the rest) implicit. Equally, that doesn’t mean you should assume I agree with everything said in any book, or by any writer/speaker, mentioned on here.

It also reflects how I hope people will read this blog. I’ve been here a while (since 2004): I’ve changed my mind on a lot of things, and talked a certain amount of crap about a lot of other things. N.T. Wright has said that 25% of what he says is wrong: he just doesn’t know which 25%. I wish I could aspire to such a low figure… 😉

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