Unweaving the rainbow

Much excitement at the moment about the possibility of a “rainbow coalition” uniting Labour + the Lib Dems + the nationalist parties + Caroline Lucas (Green) + anyone else who might turn up, in order to shut the Tories out of power. I’ve posted at The Wandering Hedgehog on why (despite being a Labour party member) I think this is a really bad idea: indeed, worse than a crime.

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2 Responses to Unweaving the rainbow

  1. Ruth says:

    Every time they say “Rainbow Coalition” I keep imagining a government made up of G/L/B/T/Q people.

  2. John H says:

    Ruth: that’s pretty much the only option that’s not been canvassed so far, I reckon. Involving women in the process has been enough of an innovation (Harriet Harman having become the first female participant in the coalition talks yesterday). 😉

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