“Over a century without a slogan”

After a few weeks without a strapline, I’ve gone back to a line which briefly featured here earlier in the year. It’s adapted from one of my favourite quotes, from T-Bone Burnett (as quoted in Steve Turner’s Hungry for Heaven):

If Jesus is the Light of the World, there are two kinds of songs you can write. You can write songs about the light, or you can write songs about what you can see from the light. That’s what I try to do.

I’ve had to adapt the line slightly, because I try to do both on here…

I posted a few years ago about T-Bone Burnett and Hungry for Heaven. Re-reading that post just now, I particularly enjoyed this from Burnett:

Christianity has survived Christians for two thousand years now, which from my point of view is evidence that maybe something is going on there.

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