The heart and head of Scripture

Flicking through John Stott’s The Contemporary Christian – one of the first books I bought following my return to faith in 1994 – I noticed I’d underlined the following quotation from J.J. von Allmen (ellipses in original):

The heart of the Scripture (what sums it up and makes it live) or the head of Scripture (…what explains it and justifies it) … is Jesus Christ. To read the Bible without meeting Jesus is to read it badly, and to preach the Bible without proclaiming him is to preach it falsely.

Yes. That was it…

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2 Responses to The heart and head of Scripture

  1. fws says:

    I would here call Stott out as being a true Lutheran on this point. More Lutheran than most Lutherans.

    This confession, in essence IS what it means to be Lutheran. Nothing but.

    We Lutherans do what we do best, when we make our brother presbyterians, roman catholics and penticostals more Lutheran in this exact same way. when we shame them or other Lutherans , or our own selves into the realization that we are not yet radically christ-ian enough. To change the “center of gravityu of the discourse”.

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