Stone ground, rock foundation

I’ve posted a number of times in the past about Bo Giertz’s book The Hammer of God (see search results for “Giertz”), which is the subject of a post by John Zahl over on Mockingbird.

While commenting on John Zahl’s post, I came across this post on German-American Lutherans in which Rev Peter A refers to the original Swedish title for The Hammer of God:

“Stengrunden”, which means “the stone ground” or “the rock foundation”.

What a wonderful double meaning! This summarises in a single word the whole message of Giertz’s book: the “stone ground” of an unbelieving society (and of a pastorate often ignorant of the gospel), which is overcome not by pietistic revival but by “the rock foundation” of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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2 Responses to Stone ground, rock foundation

  1. Bob Myers says:

    Thanks for this John, I tried to find a copy in our vast county library system to no avail. I”ll be ordering one from Amazon soon.

  2. Rev. Alex Klages says:

    More than that, the term “stone ground” also refers to the natural condition of the sinner. Does that make it a triple meaning?

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