Cervical cancer jab

British readers will probably be aware of the tragic story of Natalie Morton, a 14-year old student who died of a previously-undiagnosed malignant tumour earlier this week. Her death hit the news because it occurred a couple of hours after she had received an injection for the HPV vaccine at her school (HPV being a virus that causes around 70% of cases of cervical cancer).

This led to widespread reporting in the media implying that Natalie Morton’s death had been connected with the vaccination. The most irresponsible and scaremongering newspapers were still making misleading insinuations about the vaccine even as they reported the true cause of death.

As this blog post explains, this in turn has led to Google’s search results being dominated by scare stories and misinformation about the virus. So to assist in the process of cleaning up Google’s search results, here is a link to some more responsible information about the cervical cancer jab from Cancer Research UK, along with the truth about cervical cancer vaccination from the NHS.

(See the blog post linked previously for a full explanation for what’s going on here. I suggest you follow suit – though I assume it’s better to use your own wording, to avoid Google’s algorithms dismissing it as spam. Oh, and please note that the link to Daily Mail in a previous paragraph uses the rel=”nofollow” tag. Make sure you use this tag if linking to misleading information…)

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One Response to Cervical cancer jab

  1. Phil Walker says:

    Yeah, I was dismayed but unsurprised to the see the Mail making hay with another vaccine story. They are completely shameless when it comes to vaccines, probably as an attempt to cover up their guilt in the MMR business. When will people learn that vaccines are fundamentally safe?

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