Donating to the ELCE

I’ve added a new feature to the sidebar: a link to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England’s donation page, which can also be reached here:

If you would like to support the work of the ELCE, then this would be very much appreciated. We are a small denomination with limited resources, so even a small donation can make a significant contribution to our work.

The donation page includes a drop-down box allowing you to select a particular aspect of the ELCE’s work. My own congregation is Christ Lutheran Church, Petts Wood (item N on the “additional details” dropdown), and as treasurer of the congregation I can assure you any donations would be very welcome and much-needed! However, all of the ministries listed in the dropdown are well worth supporting.

Donations can be made in a range of currencies, and UK taxpayers can also complete the Gift Aid details to increase the value of their donation.

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One Response to Donating to the ELCE

  1. Craig says:

    Is there an ELCE missions effort to the States?

    ; )

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