Just a quick note about commenting…

It’s come to my attention that some comments are not getting submitted successfully. Upon checking, it turns out they’ve ended up getting caught in the spam filter. Apologies if this has affected you.

I don’t generally check the spam folder on this site, partly because it’s rarely seemed to throw up false positives before, partly because if you saw what’s in there, you’d understand why I don’t want to spend any time browsing through the hundreds of entries.

If you leave a comment and it gets dropped in some way then please email me (johnhalton [AT] gmail [DOT] com) and I’ll try to retrieve it for you.

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3 Responses to Just a quick note about commenting…

  1. James W says:

    Hey. Interesting blog. Not sure how i ended up here but glad i did. I have recently joined a denomination with Swedish Lutheran background and have been trying to come to grips with growing up in a low church tradition. I found your story about moving to Lutheranism helpful. Esp. your conviction that the catholic belief in the effective power of the sacraments. Many who become dissatisfied with Evangelicalism like the kind we see in Stott do tend to go forward with a post-evan. approach rather than search the tradition for answers. Luther is a deep and resonant theological voice. And i think is particularly helpful in the particular historical epoch we are living in. God bless you on the journey.

  2. steve martin says:


    Welcome to Lutheranism!

    Word and sacrament is the only way to fly!!

  3. Phil Walker says:

    Filter’s still catching me, on your latest post.

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