Snow day!

There's probably no trains

Says he, who is actually going to stay inside and do some actual working from home. Curse this Protestant work ethic!

(Image prepared using the atheist bus slogan generator.)

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10 Responses to Snow day!

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  2. steve martin says:

    If this global warming keeps up we will all freeze to death.

  3. John H says:

    I know, I know. If extreme weather conditions don’t discredit a theory that predicts extreme weather conditions, then nothing will.

  4. steve martin says:


    I heard this has never ever happened before in the UK.

    Those poor slobs have even changed the name of their ‘Chicken Little (Al Gore) scam from ‘Global Warming’ to …’Climate Change’.

    They have discovered something that has been going on for a long time…the climate changes…daily!

    God help us.

  5. SimonPotamos says:

    Guys, calm down. It’s only snow. What’s extraordinary is that it hasn’t been falling much in recent decades. People used to skate on the Thames, you know.

    And being a Finn, I can’t help smiling a little when the BBC’s News at Ten spends the first 15 minutes of a 25-minute news broadcast discussing the snow. It’s not worth investing in Nordic-style kit to deal with it, but can’t we just shrug when it comes and get on with enjoying an extra day off?

  6. steve martin says:


    Are you kidding? Calm down? When the weather is at stake!

    Sure, now it’s just snow. But what if it were to rain where I live in Southern California?

    Or what if by some strange instance it would get hot this Summer?

    This is serious business. There’s a lot of money and political control at stake for the Chicken Littles of this world.

    By the way, are carbon offsets cheaper if you buy them in Europe?

  7. John H says:

    SP: oh, don’t worry. Was just pulling Steve’s leg. I realise today’s flurries are not exactly major weather extremes. For that you’d have to look at the US (coldest winter for 30 years), Australia (hottest summer ditto), France (two once-in-a-century storms in the space of a couple of months), that sort of thing. But even that’s all just /weather/, which no-one’s pretending says anything conclusive about the /climate/.

  8. SimonPotamos says:

    Further to my comment yesterday, I was amused and bemused all at the same time watching the 10 o’clock news last night. This morning, and on reflection, I’m less amused and more bemused. I had just finished watching Channel 4’s Dispatches describe the plight of children caught up in the civil war in DR Congo, there’s the new power sharing agreement in Zimbabwe, Gaddafi has just been elected head of the African Union — and that’s just Africa. Interesting and newsworthy as it is that the winter surprises this country annually, etc., surely serious news editors can do a little better than that.

    As for Al Gore and Chicken Little, I can’t help observing that endorsement from Al Gore does not automatically make things suspect, even though I have every sympathy for anyone who would like to think it does.

  9. Theresa K. says:

    I love snow days! We rarely have them anymore because there just isn’t much we Minnesotans can’t handle. No fun! Enjoy the rare treat. Be sure to make a snowman and post a photo!!!

  10. Will says:

    I have not forgotten that it was not long ago that the Chicken Littles were telling us we were on the verge of another Ice Age. I heard one of them even have the nerve to claim that the bickering between “warmists” and “coolists” was “proof” that the alarmists were right, because “everybody” agreed that SOMETHING awful was going to happen.

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