Neko’s got a lotta nerve

Neko Case, People Got A Lotta Nerve cover imageNeko Case has released a new single, People Got A Lotta Nerve, in advance of her forthcoming album (due out 3rd March), Middle Cyclone. (The, um, striking cover art for the new album is shown to good effect on Neko’s MySpace page.)

The song is available for free download as an MP3 using this link: People Got A Lotta Nerve. At least, I assume the record company intended to put the whole MP3 at that link rather than a sample, because that’s what I got. A good reason to hurry and grab it while you can!

What’s more, for every blog that posts a link to the song, Neko’s record company is donating five dollars to the Best Friends Animal Society, which aims to provide homes for homeless pets. Hence this post. 🙂

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2 Responses to Neko’s got a lotta nerve

  1. Tom R says:

    Neko is Japanese for cat. Did she adopt that on purpose? Or is it her birth name? (I know, sounds odd but there’s the Dido precedent)

  2. John H says:

    As far as I can tell – through exhaustive research conducted on her Wikipedia entry – that is her birth name. Not quite as weird as Dido’s name in all its multi{lingual,syllabic} glory, but still…

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