Life by downloading

A few weeks ago, I posted on the pamphlet Life by Drowning: Enlightenment through Law and Gospel (PDF), a translation of an essay by Bo Giertz that has been published jointly by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England and the Lutheran Heritage Foundation.

At the time, this was only available as a hard copy distributed to ELCE congregations. However, as the PDF warning on the above link shows, the ELCE has now made a PDF of the essay available online.

Giertz’s essay is well worth a read, as he looks at how God continually calls us back to the promises made to us in our baptism, using both law and gospel to enlighten our hearts and overcome our natural tendencies towards spiritual sloth and forgetfulness.

Thanks to ELCE seminarian Tapani Simojoki for making this PDF available (and repeated thanks to both the ELCE and LHF for producing it in the first place). Tapani has asked me to point out that the printed copies are almost all spoken for already, so there won’t be any more available for the time being. There may be a reprint in the future if there is demand (and you can demand it here!).

If you want to print the booklet, then please note the pages are A5, not A4 or Letter. So the best option is to use the “booklet printing” or “multiple pages per sheet” options in your preferred PDF viewing software.

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2 Responses to Life by downloading

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  2. Rev. Alex Klages says:

    Thanks again to my friends in the ELCE for making sure I got a printed copy or three.

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