Boar’s Head Tavern update

So, the Boar’s Head Tavern appears to be out of action until further notice. The website host, Bluehost – that’s Bluehost, write it down so you don’t forget to ignore them next time you’re looking for web space – has yanked the site for using too many resources.

Michael Spencer has set up a temporary blog providing information on the situation. Plus quite a lot of the BHT fellows are now on Twitter: look out for replies to @boarshead or using the #bht tag. (A reminder you can find me on Twitter here.)

This is a very sad event for the Christian blogosphere, but I’m sure if we’re patient we’ll find the BHT is back up and running, and hopefully in a more reliable way than it was with Bluehost.

Update: it’s worse than we feared. Looks like Bluehost have cancelled the BHT and are refusing access to the data. So it looks like the BHT as we knew it is basically dead. Gone, finished, zapped, eaten. Quite extraordinary.

Further update: Hah! Another triumph for the Halton “gloomy spiral” (as my wife calls them). Apparently Michael is now reporting that he has cPanel access to the site, so can download the database containing the 60,000+ posts on the site. Pub-themed group blogs will return to the darker corners of the blogosphere, d.v.! Watch this space…

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5 Responses to Boar’s Head Tavern update

  1. Thomas says:

    Well, that’s quite a ride, eh? Who are these Bluehost loons, anyway? Too many resources – sounds like Socialist talk to me!

    Ehem, anyway…glad Spencer has found a way to retrieve all that, that…work. I’ll miss the ol’ Tavern don’t you know. Look forward to some new place to while away the moments listening in as Lutherans and Hyper-Lutherans and Loopy-Lutherans and Lutherans Who Love C S Lewis do battle with each other and all them Reformed Hyper-Catlick Orthodox lovers of Thomas Merton out there…

    By the way, what is a Twitter, anyway?

    Peace out.

  2. Phil Walker says:

    At least you’re still up (srsly; just plain wouldn’t load this morning). We were just getting somewhere with the whole “Why do Continental state churches have such a bad history on mission?” as well!

  3. John H says:

    Looks like I’m still here. Logging on to the shell, looks like there was a reboot shortly after noon. Mind you, I have a website host of unparalleled quality, competence and reasonableness. šŸ™‚

  4. J Random Hermeneut says:

    Yes, umm, we did a quick reboot there. MySQL had a little incident.

  5. Excellent content and style…keep up the good work!

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