Pocket prayers

Following on from my post on St John Chrysostom’s prayers for the 24 hours of day and night, Mike Benoit sent me a little prayer booklet he’s prepared as a PocketMod. This includes John Chrystostom’s prayers, along with a simple form of morning and evening prayer, and various canticles.

Mike’s provided both A4 and letter format versions (both in PDF format):

Click here for instructions on how to how to fold the PocketMod.

I love the PocketMod format. Had come across PocketMod as a productivity tool, but is hadn’t occurred to me to use it for this sort of booklet. I’ve now used the PocketMod format to create my own prayer booklet (which I hope to post at some point soon, once I can be bothered to create a letter version), and have various other ideas floating around my head as to how it could be used. Thanks, Mike!

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