“Far from regarding ourselves as sinners”

Some convicting words from St Barsanufius, as quoted in Per-Olof Sjögren’s book, The Jesus Prayer:

You call yourself a sinner, but in effect you show that you do not feel yourself to be one. A man, who admits himself to be a sinner and the cause of many evils, disagrees with no one, quarrels with no one, is not wroth with anyone, but considers every man better and wiser than himself. If you are a sinner, why do you reproach your neighbor and accuse him of bringing afflictions upon you? It seems that you and I are as yet far from regarding ourselves as sinners.

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One Response to “Far from regarding ourselves as sinners”

  1. Rick says:


    Does that view involve taking the Psalms completely Christologically, then, when David is pleading his own righteousness? I have generally seen David as being the relatively innocent party in his ordeals. And relative innocence is good enough for his prayers.

    I wonder if we don’t have to switch lenses back and forth to do this well. Plus, there are times when being meek might be fine if you’re only considering how it will affect you and the offending party. But sometimes there are other parties who will now have a lot more trouble from the offending party if you give in easily.

    I can accept the quote as a way, perhaps an important way, to look at things so long as it is not the only way.

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