Five factors

Kletos on the Boars Head Tavern wrote a superb post (in response to the question of the extent to which people’s religious beliefs are determined by their “personality dimensions”, to use Kletos’ preferred term) in which he linked to a personality test based on the “five-factor model of personality”, described by Kletos as follows:

There is good evidence that most of the important things about the individual differences in human personality can be summarized in only five factors: Neuroticism (versus emotional stability), Extraversion, Openness to Experience, Agreeableness and Conscientiousness.

Kletos added that the linked test “goes in my category of ‘real science’ rather than meme”, which was good enough for me. So I took the test (warning: it’s quite a long one, at around 240 questions) and… then decided it was probably in poor taste to have posted my own results, so edited the post to remove them. But well worth doing the test, though.

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