Sensible joy

Revd Alex Klages posted this one – and he at least had followed the first rule of good quotation practice, which is to read the freaking book before quoting from it 😉 – but it’s such a good quote I’m going to shamelessly lift it and repost it here. From Elert’s The Structure of Lutheranism:

He who is no longer deeply sensible of the joy in Luther’s Christmas hymns, of the jubilation in our Easter hymns, of Paul Gerhardt’s “God for us” and “Christ for me,” should examine himself to see whether his theology is not more closely related to the Koran than to the Gospel.

My wife will enjoy that too, because it uses the word “sensible” in its proper, as-used-by-Jane-Austen sense…

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One Response to Sensible joy

  1. Bill Reichert says:

    “Lutheran triumphalism”–gotta love it. But since there is only one entry under this category, should we conclude that we’re a very humble triumphalistic lot?

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