Making abortion rare

UK-resident readers only: please sign the Alive+Kicking petition.

Alive+Kicking is a new campaign to “make abortion rare”, and is supported by (among others) the Christian Medical Fellowship, CARE, the Evangelical Alliance and the Lawyers Christian Fellowship. Its core aims are:

  1. A substantial lowering of the 24-week abortion upper limit.
  2. An end to discriminatory abortion of disabled babies up to birth, whilst a 24-week upper limit is in place for babies without disability.
  3. A charter of informed consent for women seeking abortion.

Not a campaign to abolish abortion outright? Well, many of those supporting it will also be campaigning for that outcome, and many others of us will regard zero abortions as the only truly acceptable situation. However, “politics is the art of the attainable”, and what Alive+Kicking is proposing are realistic, politically-attainable goals which will save a lot of lives if implemented.

If you need any further persuading, Peter Ould’s post about Tory MP Nadine Dorries’ campaign against later-term abortions, fuelled by her experiences as a young nurse participating in such abortions, is worth a read. Contains no graphic imagery, but the descriptions are quite distressing.

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2 Responses to Making abortion rare

  1. Healyhatman says:

    Psht you want to stop disabled babies from being aborted? As in completely, no abortions performed where the baby will come out a sub-human drooling immobile sack of twitching meat?

    I’ve already discussed this with the girlfriend: if she gets pregnant and it turns out the baby is going to come out disabled, that f***er’s out of there. Better it’s ended right away then the _thing_ live a life shitting and drooling all over itself in a wheelchair pushed around by a parade of burned-out and bitter carers.

    On other points I agree. Abortions if they’re going to happen must happen early.

    [Edited by site owner – please keep the language hovering somewhere around 12A…]

  2. John H says:

    HH: late-term (post-24 week) abortions have been carried out in this country where the child has a cleft palate, or relatively mild Down’s syndrome.

    Your contempt for people with disabilities is concerning. Certain historical parallels spring to mind. Google “Godwin’s Law” for further details…

    I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like to parent a child suffering from the most extreme forms of disability. All I do know is that many of those who do end up in that situation would be appalled by your use of terms such as “sub-human” and “thing”, and your implication that it would have been better to have killed their child in the womb.

    And at what point does this stop? What if the disability isn’t detected in the womb? Should we keep buckets of water at hand in delivery suites so that disabled children can be drowned in them the moment they pop out?

    How about children who develop serious disabilities later in life (e.g. after suffering meningitis? Kill them too?

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