Lenten devotions from Christ Lutheran Church

Our church’s annual Lenten devotions, written by members and friends of the congregation, are once again available online. The posts should appear automatically each day during Lent on that page, or you can subscribe to the RSS feed. Today’s devotion is (I suspect) written by our pastor, and includes the following:

Today we begin our journey together through Lent. And as we do so, we may feel a bit like this child described above; lost, afraid, not sure where our Heavenly Father is. Sin and doubt may be blinding us to our Father’s presence. However, our Heavenly Father comes to us today in His Word of Life and Comfort to assure us that we are His children, in which His Spirit dwells.

We are not lost, but the Good Shepherd has found us and brought us back to God by laying down His life for us. We need not be afraid because, “if God is for us who can be against us?” We need not be shrouded in despair and darkness because Jesus Christ is the Light of the world. We are baptized children of God, sons and daughters of a loving, heavenly Father, who comes to meet and to welcome home the prodigals with open arms.

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