Public service announcement

UK users of Gmail (a.k.a. Google Mail) may, like me, have seen reports in recent weeks of the new, improved Gmail interface, and wondered why it hadn’t shown up on their accounts yet. The answer is that you need to change your “Google Mail display settings” (under “Settings”) from “English (UK)” to “English (US)”. Reload Gmail, and you’re done.

The new interface isn’t that different from the old one, on the surface. A few tweaks here, a bit of extra polish there. My main reason for wanting to make the switch was in order to use the new IMAP access, so that I can now have consistent email access whether at home (using an email client such as Mutt or Thunderbird) or outside the home (using the web interface). An end to having to delete all the emails I’ve already read when I get home! I can live with having the dates displayed wrong (“12/27/07”???) for that. 😉

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3 Responses to Public service announcement

  1. Daniel says:


    I have Gmail over IMAP using Mutt as the client. Alpine will do the same thing. The nice thing about that is having the folders show up in Mutt, i.e. /sent /spam, &c.

    There should be a way for Mutt to show mail as “read” when it has been flagged accordingly in the web client. When I find out how to do that, I’ll let you know 😉

  2. John H says:

    Daniel: I think I may have a (partial) answer to that one. Will try to send you the relevant excerpts from my muttrc file (but the main part of it is just redefining the key binding for “d” to save a message to the archive rather than flagging it for deletion in Mutt). Some of the problems arise from Gmail not flagging things as read when you move them straight to the archive.

    Mutt combined with Yakuake is t3h b0mb…

  3. J Random Hermeneut says:

    Yakuake is t3h b0mb…

    Oh yeah!!!! And thanks for the heads up on that one! – One of those “I can’t believe I’ve managed to survive without it” tools. I’m currently doing Gmail/IMAP/Thunderbird – along with half a dozen other accounts through IMAP+SSH (Want a Westfield account? I can hook you up. ;-). ) Before that…was Evolution, was T-bird again, was Mutt, was Pine. (Why can I never stick with one client? It’s a curse.)

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