Just to let you know…

…Sufjan Stevens’ Christmas album – all 42 songs of it – is available as an MP3 download for £7.99 from TuneTribe.com. If you think you can live without the original artworks, stickers, Christmas essay, comic strip and all-round kitsch explosion that you get in the boxed set, then this is well worth checking out.

Mind you, Amazon.co.uk has the boxed set available for £8.98.

Imagine how you’d feel if (*cough*) you’d bought the previously-deleted “limited edition” set on eBay for, say, twenty quid, a matter of weeks before it got reissued at less than half that price. Y’know, I feel sorry for people like that. (*awkward embarrassed shuffle*)

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One Response to Just to let you know…

  1. Pr. Alex Klages says:

    But we bought it last year. I felt good about buying it. I already had downloaded the bootlegs of the first three discs which had circulated the net for years. So I feel all legitimate now.

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