Departing the stage

As a follow-up to my posts on John Stott’s farewell sermon (1 | 2), my wife was talking to some friends of ours today whose pastor was at this year’s Keswick Convention, and who described how Stott ended his sermon.

At the conclusion of his sermon, Stott asked everyone to bow their heads for a few moments of silent prayer. Everyone did so, and when they lifted up their heads again and opened their eyes – the stage was empty.

No rousing send-off, no applause, no presentations of flowers – nothing, in short, to distract attention from the Christ whom Stott has proclaimed so effectively, and with such modesty and humility, for so long.

While we’re on this subject, a recording of Stott’s Keswick sermon can be downloaded as an MP3 for £3 here. Even better, the All Souls Langham Place website’s sermon archive contains hundreds of recordings of Stott’s sermons from the mid-60s onwards, available free-of-charge (though with free registration required).

Searching through the sermons is not for the faint-hearted – a better search facility wouldn’t hurt – but there’s a lifetime’s-worth of great preaching there. You could do worse than start with his 1971 series of sermons on Ephesians, which I’m currently working my way through.

(Note: you may find, as I have, that the All Souls MP3s don’t work very well. You’ll need to make sure you save them with a .mp3 extension (rather than “.kont”, whatever that is) and then use a program like Audacity to import them and re-export them as new MP3 files. Very frustrating, but worth the effort.)

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3 Responses to Departing the stage

  1. Chris Stiles says:

    It works fine – and always has – for me – the url has a .kont extension in it before the query string – but I end up with an .mp3. Are you perhaps using ‘the other OS’ ? Maybe you need to fix your mimetypes file.

  2. WTM says:

    An exit reminiscent of Calvin, who had himself buried in an unmarked tomb. Bravo, Stott. A fitting end to a faithful ministry.

  3. Phil Walker says:

    It was towards the end of my first year undergrad that John Stott came to speak at the university CU (I forget what on now). I went round the week before, drummng up punters on the grounds that Stotty was getting on a bit and it was likely to be our last chance to hear him in person. While we are letting a godly servant retire, how lovely to read of the manner of his departure.

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