Lifelong love vs “sterile beginnings”

In my previous post, we saw how Jacques Ellul maps out the course of “lifelong love”. Having done so, Ellul is quick to correct a potential misapprehension on the part of his readers:

I am not saying that all this has been my own experience. Readers must not think that I am telling my own story. I am not setting up myself as an example. When I think about my own life, I have nothing to be proud of. As love has developed to fulfillment, I have known all the temptations to which I refer, and I have not been able to resist them all. I am human like everyone else, and I have failed some of the tests of love and not met all the challenges. I simply know what is true even though I have sometimes lived out what is false. (What I Believe, p.82)

Ellul has some blunt words for those commitment-phobic “liquid moderns” who reject his argument that lifelong love must be for one person, without any “change in mid-course”:

“What does it matter?” someone will say. It certainly does matter. Love matters. I would simply ask those who think otherwise not to use the word love. Let them erase it from their vocabulary and talk about pleasure or enjoyment, or a liking for change, or the need for new beginnings. I know that these things are part of our “nature,” but let us then cease this constant talk about love. For all such people know are sterile beginnings that soon wilt. (pp.82f.)

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