Just blowing the family trumpet a little…

Just watched my sister’s screenwriting debut: an episode of The Chase on BBC One (making your debut on a Sunday evening BBC One drama is what’s called “hitting the big time”).

My wife and I clapped and cheered when the words “Written by Kirsty Halton” appeared in the opening credits, which might have puzzled the neighbours a bit. Very well written it was too, though it’s all terribly complicated. Set in a veterinary practice where everyone is either sleeping with, or in the process of a painful break-up from, everyone else.

My sister also blew the budget for the entire series with all the location work that was needed, so don’t bother watching the rest of the series: very inferior writing, and the characters are having to use coconut shells (a la Holy Grail) as they’ve run out of money for horses. 😉

Oh, and the take-home messages from this episode were: (1) if you own a dog, don’t leave your shredder plugged in when you’re not using it; (2) social climbers never prosper; and (3) don’t hit your girlfriend (well, duh).

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8 Responses to Just blowing the family trumpet a little…

  1. Tom R says:

    Congratulations unto the House of Halton!

    Coincidentally, that gives you and I another point in common (apart from being mid-30s Anglo-Lutherische lawyers with young sons).
    We both have a more famous sister. (One of mine has made it big in London as a handbag designer… well, bigger than me, anyway, as measured in Google hits!)

  2. Theresa K. says:

    Congratulations! Can’t say I’m surprised to hear of other interesting and talented Halton’s! How wonderful!

  3. Tom R says:

    Correct plural is Halta, or in Modern Greek, ‘Alta. It’s a neuter noun.

  4. Theresa K. says:

    Umm, thanks. I only got through my daughter’s first year of Latin (which didn’t go so well, I might add). If there is a plural to each person’s (is there a plural for person?) last name, that really changes everything. I suppose the name would have to be a noun. Mine is actually an adjective in German, so no plural necessary.

  5. Tom R says:

    When does Halto Christi reach the ultimate ascended level… of writing for Neighbours?

  6. John H says:

    Someone writes Neighbours?

  7. Tom R says:

    Actually, no. Everyone is Australia is good-looking and articulate, so the producers just point a camera at a typical suburban street.

    OTOH, we are all very unsure about the paternity of our children.

  8. Tom R says:

    Speaking de Haltonibus and of British police procedurals on the telly… Does anyone else still read JH’s Open Discussion thread http://www.confessingevangelical.com/?page_id=983, or am I yodelling alone in there?

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