New-look church website

Our old church website was proving too much hassle to maintain/update, mainly because I lacked the time, inclination or mental energy to get to grips with Drupal. I’m sure Drupal is great, but it was proving something of a sledgehammer to crack a nut, and every time I wanted to change something or update the system I was having to go back and learn how to use Drupal from scratch.

So I’ve moved the content over onto a new platform using WordPress. Yes, I know, WordPress as a CMS, all my geek cred goes up in smoke in an instant. But life is too short to work out how to maintain two blog/website systems, and for a small, simple site WordPress seems to work OK.

Put it this way: the new site has taken me a couple of hours to set up this evening, much of which was spent hunting for an appropriate template. Updating Drupal would probably have taken me the whole weekend.

My hope is that the new, simpler underlying system will make it easier for me to add new content. For example, one of my plans is for a “what to expect” page setting out what happens in our services, so that first-time visitors have some idea of what’s going on.

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4 Responses to New-look church website

  1. Rick Ritchie says:

    Well, if you use the site to teach, then you can use a Learning Content Management System. Then you’ll have an ELCE site in an LCMS.

  2. JS Bangs says:

    Why not use WordPress as a CMS? It’s light and easy, and every other CMS system I’ve ever used is unbearably painful.

  3. Pr. Alex Klages says:

    It’s OK. I still think of you as a geek.

  4. John H says:

    Thank you for your kind words. I had a horribly, gnawing figure that I might slip down the rankings from “geek” to “nerd”…

    I suppose the issue with WP as a CMS is that you do have to work round its “blogness” a bit. There are one or two points where this is still an issue on the new site – e.g. I need to work out how to have “pages” that don’t appear in the menu at the top of the page.

    But I’m hoping that it will make it a lot easier to set up RSS feeds for sermons etc., since I can just use the category filter on the main RSS feed and post the sermons as regular blog posts “behind the scenes”.

    As for “unbearably painful” CMS systems, I briefly installed Joomla, spent five minutes staring at the screen and the innumerable menus in a state of bewilderment, and then realised I was about to lose the next three months of my life if I didn’t uninstall it right away. 😉

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