Wonderful and frightening

I see forty-year olds in multi-coloured shirts,
It never used to concern me, but now it’s making me say:
High-tension line – step down!

– The Fall, High Tension Line (from Shift-Work)

Well, no news on what colour shirt he was wearing for the big day, but (against all odds) Mark E Smith recently celebrated his fiftieth birthday. To mark the occasion, eMusic devotes one of its “Dozens” to The Fall, the band of which Smith is (to quote his Wikipedia entry) “the lead singer, lyricist, frontman, and sole consistent member”. (That “consistent” has to count as the worst Wikipedia inaccuracy since “Sinbad is dead” Correction: now I think about it, Smith has in fact been highly consistent – as in consistently erratic (firing band members at random, disappearing offstage for extended “rest” breaks mid-concert) – throughout his career…)

You already know whether or not you’ll like the featured music, but if you are one of the two other Fall fans who read this blog then do check it out. I’m just off to make sure I’ve got “Hex Enduction Hour” loaded on my iPod for the journey to work tomorrow. (Yes: listening to The Fall on my iPod while driving to work in my sensible family car to do a hard day’s work as a commercial lawyer. Rock and roll!)

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