Celine is da bomb

Google recently changed its algorithms to reduce the occurrence of “google bombs”. These exploit(ed) Google’s search algorithms so as to produce amusing and/or politically-charged false results to search queries.

The most famous google bomb was “miserable failure” (for which the top result was George W. Bush’s biography on the White House website), but others included “waffles” (producing John Kerry’s campaign website) and “wicked witch of the east” (for which the leading result was, briefly, Hillary Clinton’s site).

Following the change in algorithms, “miserable failure” and most other google bombs were defused. However, in an idle moment last night, I searched for the phrase “the horror… the horror…”, and look what I found at result #10:

Screenshot of Google results for 'the horror the horror'

Though perhaps that’s not so much a “google bomb” as “fair comment”. I can’t say for sure: I was too terrified to click through to the video. Please, I have children!

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2 Responses to Celine is da bomb

  1. Rev. Alex Klages says:

    I made it through the first 15 seconds of the video. It is simply wrong.

  2. You left out the most famous Google bomb of them all. Enter “French Military Victories” and click on the first result.


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