The particular thing

The BHT masthead currently features a quotation from Sundar Singh, who was born in 1889 into a devout Indian Sikh family in the Punjab, but subsequently became a Christian following a vision of Christ. Following his conversion he became a Christian “sadhu” for the rest of his life.

This is as good an excuse as any to post the following story about Sundar Singh, as quoted by John Stott:

He was asked once by a Hindu professor what it was that he had found in Christianity, as he put it, that he had not found in his old religion. “I have found Christ,” said Sadhu Sundar Singh. “Oh yes, I know,” said the professor rather impatiently. “But what particular doctrine have you found or principle that you did not have before?”

“The particular thing I have found,” replied Sadhu Sundar Singh, “is Christ.”

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