Blog 2.0

Well, it’s coming up to almost three years since I started this blog, though slightly over three years since I started blogging. I moved around a bit for a few weeks, being as much a bloghosting serial monogamist as a theological one.

Me and Blogger have been going steady since then, but I’ve now decided to try something new. This is partly motivated by the hassles of the transfer to New Blogger, but in reality it’s just my Inner Geek grabbing hold of the steering wheel while muttering something about “root access”. So, it’s goodbye, and hello to the bright, shiny, new, WordPress-and-Debian-Etch powered

The new site is still a work in progress – in particular, the autumnal theme is subject to change without notice, and I’ll need to sort the sidebar out – and I’ll continue to cross-post at the old address for a few weeks (or until I get bored of doing so), but please update your sidebar entries, RSS feeds and so on to the new address.

I’m disabling comments on the old blog, but for the moment I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to transfer them to the new site: the posts themselves transferred over fine (except for images), but the Haloscan import fell over with a resounding thud.

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4 Responses to Blog 2.0

  1. Peter O says:

    Keep the autumn theme. I’m Falling for it….

    (I’ll get my coat)

  2. Phil Walker says:

    Yeah, I like this theme too. That’s not to say you can’t come up with something else equally tasteful, of course. Did you choose it because it was closest in colour scheme to the old site?

  3. Kepler says:

    Yes, I agree with Peter; leaf it be.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Nice new look. I’ve made the updates.

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