So farewell then…

Ikon of St Joshua, Hammer of the Calvinists; anonymous Russian painter, c.2005Josh S finally takes his leave of the Lutheran Blogosphere – which he, to all intents and purposes, founded back in 2002.

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet Archive, Josh’s original posts from May 2002 can still be read online. They include praise for a book by Dr Hermann Sasse, a long (but cogent) rant about non-Lutheran views on the Lord’s Supper, and a post beginning with the words, “I need to bitch”. Sound familiar?

At least Josh learnt about paragraph spacing in the years that followed. 😉

Oh well. Blogging’s loss will be more than one LCMS congregation’s gain, God (and his chosen instrument, the Holy Voters’ Assembly) willing. I look forward to posting MP3s of Pr Strodtbeck’s sermons, some time c.2010.

Until then, things will seem strangely quiet round here – though I’ll be keeping my eye out for the appearance, sooner or later, of a pseudonymous Lutheran with an abrasive but intellectually brilliant blog…

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