Help! I’m turning into Keith Flett!

Two letters to the Guardian in the same week. Today’s is particularly edifying, I feel, being a one-liner written in response to an article that celebrated the 100th anniversary of the perm by printing a number of photos of (in)famous examples of the “style” (such as Glenn Close, Jon Bon Jovi and – the horror, the horror – Michael Bolton).

(Note for non-UK readers: Deidre Barlow is a character in the soap opera “Coronation Street”, notorious for the ultra-tight “helmet perm” she sported for many years – and which remained suspiciously unchanging week-by-week, seemingly never “growing out”. For some reason. The actress who plays her must have taken out an injunction or something, because I can’t find a picture of That Perm anywhere on the web.) (Update: Hats off to Pr Joel Humann, who found the picture now adorning this post.)

(Second note for non-UK readers: those puzzled by the Keith Flett reference should click here.)

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