Lent devotions at Christ Lutheran Church

Our church website is featuring a series of 40 Lenten devotions written by members of our congregation (and diligently collected, edited, typed, copied and, in the case of the dead-tree version, printed and bound by, my wife).

As our pastor puts it in his introduction, “we trust you to be forgiving of the imperfections which will inevitably arise when fallible human beings attempt to communicate the things of God” – these are devotions prepared (mainly) by ordinary lay members of the congregation for the benefit of their fellow members of Christ Lutheran Church, and for those who are not members of our immediate church family there may be the occasional devotion which calls for a particularly diligent application of the eighth commandment. But some of them (like today’s) really are pretty good.

To read the devotion for today, Ash Wednesday, please click here. For future days’ devotions, click the link on our home page, at least until I figure out an easy way to make each current day appear on a static page (eg “http://www.christlutheranchurch.org.uk/pages/lent2006/today” or whatever).

Who knows, I may even figure out a way to set it up as an RSS feed by the end of Lent…

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