Taking the red pill…

Well, I finally did it. I finally went and bought The Complete Far Side.

In my defence, I would like to point out that (i) it is currently available on Amazon.co.uk at the criminally insane price of £38.72 (list price: £77.54), and (ii) my parents gave me a £40 gift certificate for my birthday, so the money was burning a hole in my pocket email inbox.

It’ll make an excellent companion to The Complete Calvin & Hobbes, which I got for Christmas, also courtesy of my parents.

That said, I very nearly got cold feet, and almost cancelled the order a few minutes after placing it. My feet were warmed up again, however, by checking out the entry on Amazon.com and clicking the “Surprise me!” option a few times to remind myself just how wonderful Gary Larson’s cartoons are.

Having a couple of quid left from the gift certificate, and mindful of the fact that I am (by some reckonings) now officially Middle Aged (33), I put the balance towards the new Neil Diamond album

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