Strictly Web 1.0 round here

My blog is way behind the times. I scored only 4 out of 25 on the Web 2.0 Validator.

Mind you, given that I run Linux on my home PC, in true open-source style I ought really to say that this blog is not even Web 1.0. It’s Web 0.79.3-rc4 at best… </geek ‘humour’>

For those wondering what Web 2.0 actually is, see this article from a recent edition of the Guardian. Key quote, from Joel Spolsky of Fog Creek Software:

“It’s not a real concept. It has no meaning. It’s a big, vague, nebulous cloud of pure architectural nothingness. When people use the term Web 2.0, I always feel a little bit stupider for the rest of the day.”

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